We believe in the power of a strong network and welcome cooperation and partnership with top intellectuals and institutions that empower us to take on some of the most novel, unique and challenging problems in our key service areas.

If you would like to join us and are interested in any of the below models of collaboration, please send your CV together with a cover letter to:

Joint Research

With a pool of exceptional talent, we take research very seriously and aspire to form joint research programs with top researchers, practitioners and international institutions.

Sponsorship & Investment

We welcome domestic and international sponsors and investors to collaborate with us on our mission to help build a better and smarter world.

Innovation Projects

The ability to translate top notch research into actionable innovation projects is our hallmark. We look forward to participating in challenging projects that take special expertise to become operational.

We also welcome cooperation on our on-going projects. For a list of these projects please contact us indicating your field of interest.


We host weekly run seminars and e-seminars at Sharif University of Technology (SUT).

For a list of past and upcoming seminars please visit our Seminars page.

Research Internships

Students that are interested in cooperation with our groups and i-labs, please contact us indicating your field of interest.

For information on available positions, please contact us indicating your field of interest.