Core Members

Dr Hossein Sharif
Managing Director
Dr Sharif is the founder and current managing director of SEERIO. He is an academic member at GSME (aka Sharif Business School) and a member of Centre for Development Informatics at the University of Manchester. Prior to joining Sharif University of Technology, he had been a Senior Lecturer at the University of Portsmouth. Dr Sharif has extensive experience in Technology Sector in Iran and Europe.
PhD, University of Manchester, 2008
BEng, University of Liverpool, 2003

Dr Ali Kermanshah
Chairman of the Board

Dr Kermanshah is the current Vice President of Novel Technologies at the Central Bank of Iran. Previous to this post he was the chairman of Iran Industrial Management Institute (IMI) which is the oldest and largest Management Consultancy organisation in Iran. He has also been the Head of Education, Research and Technology Department at the Ministry of Commerce and two times Vice Minister at the Ministry of ICT.
PhD, University of Manchester, 1997
MSc, University of Manchester, 1994
BEng, Isfahan University of Technology, 1978

Eng Alireza Mehrabi
Deputy Director & Head of SME Development Group

Mr. Mehrabi is a multifaceted technology entrepreneur and pioneer in BI, BPM, and CPM solutions. He brings over a decade’s experience in senior management and consulting roles whilst developing international partnerships with some of the world’s most renowned software houses. Mr. Mehrabi’s research focuses on SME growth models and assessment of objectives and barriers that influence their growth. Given his extensive experience in the private sector, he is also highly interested in applied solutions which can be utilised by SMEs in their growth path.
MSc, University of Portsmouth, 2011

Dr Armin Shams
Head of Holistic Enterprise Transformation & Architecture Group
Dr Shams is a senior member of IEEE and an affiliate member of the Centre for Development Informatics at the University of Manchester. He has 20 years of award winning and internationally recognised experience in software technology research and development, business consultancy and enterprise transformation worldwide (Iran, Europe, North America and Australia). He also has had collaboration both direct (via consortiums) and indirect (via contractor) with companies such as IBM, Intel, Microsoft and EMC. Dr Shams has been an ACM/ICPC World Finalist in 2001.
Senior Researcher, National University of Ireland, 2013
Post-Doc, University of Tehran, 2012
PhD, University of Manchester, 2010

Dr Hamed Shahidipour
Director of FinTech Innovation Lab & Head of Venture Development Group

Dr Shahidipour is a previous research scientist at Citibank and a former project manager at Vodafone UK. He is the founder and CEO of Femto Ltd., a London based technology consultancy firm with partners such as Accuris Networks, Vodafone and CDNetworks. He has also served as a consultant with the prestigious management consultancy firm L.E.K. Consulting.
PhD, University of Southampton, 2010
BSc, University of Liverpool, 2003

Dr Mohammad Davatgar
Head of Business Acceleration Mechanisms Group
After graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree from one of Iran’s leading technical universities, Dr Davatgar has held a variety of positions in addition to his ongoing academic career and tertiary teaching, spanning twenty five years; ranging from Graduate Mechanical Engineer to Co-Founder and Company Director of an Australian firm specializing in physical rehabilitation products. His last position before the current one, was working as a business consultant in different VC companies with the main focus on start-ups and accelerators.
PhD, University of New South Wales, 2005
MSc, University of New South Wales, 1994
BEng, Sharif University of Technology, 1989

Dr Taher Habibzadeh
Director of Intellectual Property and Legal Affairs

Dr Habibzadeh is the leading national expert on E-Commerce and ICT Law in Iran. His three volume publication on ICT Law in Iran published by the national parliament has won the national book award for the year 2014. He currently teaches E-Commerce Law to judiciary personnel, including judges and attorneys at the University of Judicial Sciences & Administrative Services in Tehran.
PhD, University of Manchester, 2012
MA, University of Manchester, 2008
BA, University of Judicial Sciences & Administrative Services, 2006

Eng Abbas Maazallahi
Head of Data Science Group
Mr. Maazallahi is an expert in Data Science and has extensive range of experience with Data Analytics projects such as financial and banking, customer analytics and social network analysis.
MEng, Sharif University of Technology, 2013
BSc, Sharif University of Technology, 2011

Eng Mirhadi Radi
Head of Digital Marketing and Market Analytics Group
Mr. Radi is a technology entrepreneur and provides consultation for implementing online businesses. He is passionate about making reach user experience in marketing process and delivering marketing programs and campaigns that are a cut above.
MBA, Sharif University of Technology, 2017
BEng, Sharif University of Technology, 2015

Eng Hamed Jamalifar
Deputy Director of Iran Blockchain Labs
Mr. Jamalifar is a technology entrepreneur and visionary team manager. With extensive experience in the private sector and hands-on proficiency in information technology, Mr. Jamalifar excels at developing and managing large knowledge-oriented teams. He is currently focused on developing blockchain-aware businesses and services.
MSc, Sharif University of Technology, 2011
BSc, Sharif University of Technology, 2009

Eng Morteza Alamalhoda
Director of Social Innovation Lab
Mr. Alamalhoda is one of Pichak's co-founders. Pichak is a top ranking startup company in Iran with over 40 million users located in 110 countries. He also regularly advises start-up teams and seats on advisory and referee panels evaluating start-up ventures. But above all, Morteza is a passionate social activist who believes in using technology to achieve maximum social impact through innovative solutions and platforms.

Visiting Academics

Dr Fardad Zand
Dr Zand is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Technology, Strategy and Entrepreneurship at the University of Delft. He is currently a Senior Advisor with Arthur D. Little and prior to this he was an Engagement Manager and Senior Associate at McKinsey & Company.
At SEERIO, Dr Zand is the Head of Platform Business Models Group.
Post-Doc, MIT Center for Digital Business, 2011
PhD, Delft University, 2009
MSc, Delft University, 2005
BEng, Amir Kabir University, 2000

Dr Ali Naghieh
Dr Naghieh is a Research Associate at the Said Business School, University of Oxford. He is an expert in Change Management and his research focuses on examining the social and psychosocial processes of change to address challenges in systems and organisations. Ali has provided consultancy to transformation programmes focusing on multi-stakeholder system-level change for the UK private and public sectors including the NHS. Further, he has provided teaching and mentoring to executives of major companies in the field of Scenario Planning, including for Standard Chartered Bank, EY (Ernst & Young), and Scottish Water. Ali is currently collaborating with colleagues at Oxford’s Environmental Change Institute to extend his participative change approach to tackling a multi-faceted environmental disaster in Iran with vast socio-economic consequences.
At SEERIO, Dr Naghieh is the Director of Organisational Change Lab.
PhD, University of Oxford, 2015
MA, University of Wales-Bangor, 2011
MBA, University of Salford, 2008
MPharm, University of Sunderland, 2005

External Associates

Sangeet Paul Choudary
Mr. Sangeet Paul Choudary is the best-selling author of the books Platform Revolution and Platform Scale, and the founder of Platformation Labs, a Boardroom/C-level executive advisory and research firm. He is ranked among the top 30 emerging thinkers globally (2016) by Thinkers50 Radar, and his work on platforms has been selected by Harvard Business Review as one of the top 10 management ideas globally for the year 2017.

He is a frequent keynote speaker and has been invited to speak at leading global forums including the World Economic Forum summits, World50 Summit, Mobile World Congress, and the G20 Summit 2014 events. He has also been a keynote speaker for leading global brands including Microsoft, GE, Accenture, Huawei, Autodesk, and Adobe.

Mr. Choudary is the co-chair of the MIT Platform Strategy Summit at the MIT Media Labs, an Entrepreneur-in-residence at INSEAD Business School, and an executive educator with Harvard Business School Publishing. He is also the founder of Platform Playbook, an online Academy focused on enterprise education on platform strategy.

Mr. Choudary is appointed to the Global Future Council on Platforms at the WEF and to the advisory council for the WEF’s initiative on Digital Transformation. His work has been featured on the covers of the Harvard Business Review and the MIT Technology Review as well as the MIT Sloan Management Review, The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, WIRED Magazine, Forbes, and Fortune. For more information, see:

Prof. Thomas G. Cummings
Professor of Management and Organization at the Marshall Business School, University of Southern California (USC).
Former president of the Academy of Management and a global thought leader in the field of Organizations.

Roger Evernden
Mr. Evernden has been an enterprise architect since 1984, specializing in the highly practical use of EA to manage organizational transformation. He acts as advisor, mentor, and coach on EA initiatives, leads training workshops, and writes regularly about strategy and architecture.

As architect of the Information FrameWork (IFW), Mr. Evernden pioneered many contemporary techniques, including the use of industry reference models, business capability analysis, and component-based building blocks. His work has been the basis for more than 400 business and IT architecture initiatives worldwide. Past clients include Alcatel-Lucent, Allied Irish Banks, AstraZeneca, Bancomer, Bank Austria, Barclays, Credit Suisse, DnB NOR, HSBC, IBM, ING, Lombard, Lloyds Banking Group, Microsoft, National Australia Bank, and Westpac. Mr. Evernden has written articles appearing in major publications and books, including the seminal article on IFW in IBM's Systems Journal. He is the author of two books about EA: Enterprise Architecture — The Eight Fundamental Factors and 101 Lessons from Enterprise Architecture.

Roland Sullivan
Mr. Sullivan is the CEO of Sullivan Transformation Agents. He is one of the pioneers in North American change management (an original 100 change agent) since 1960s, with experience of hundreds of change cases.

Industrial Partners

Dr Mehrdad Sepahvand
Dr Sepahvand has more than two decades of experience in the financial services and banking industry spanning investment strategy, corporate governance and risk management at senior management level. He serves major governmental and private Iranian banks as a senior advisor. Dr Sepahvand was director of foreign investment department of the NDFI, Iranian sovereign wealth fund with over $60 billion in assets. He holds a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Nottingham. His career began in England lecturing at both Nottingham Business School and Leeds Business School for several years. He occasionally lectures on Asset and Liability Management and Liquidity Management for bankers and financial managers.
PhD, The University of Nottingham, 2004
MA, Allameh University, 1998